Introducing the Walentin Wallet

With the Walentin Wallet you have Walentin: your personal AI assistant who you can talk to at any time to manage your wallet.

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Why Walentin?


At every step of creating Walentin, we think about security, and as a result of that, you can only access using secure connections. Furthermore, our website presents a strict Content Security Policy.

Low Fees

We've had it with PayPal's fees of up to 40% for a transaction of just 1€, so Walentin has a rounded-down fee of 1% for purchases — all other transactions are free of fees.


With an AI-powered assistant available for you to talk to anywhere about everything regarding your wallet, Walentin is pretty modern and will continue to be in years to come.


Walentin is being built by, who deeply believe in privacy. As such, Walentin accepts anonymous payment methods and doesn't require any personal information.

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